Best toaster oven for powder coatingBest toaster oven for powder coating

Best toaster ovens for powder coating

Would you like to know the best toaster oven for powder coating? If you are a professional or a Die enthusiast, you are aware that using the right appliance will enable you to achieve high-quality and durable finishes. One of the main tools or appliances you may require is a reliable toaster. The right toaster will enable you to change and upgrade your game in powder coating. This article has listed some of the best toaster ovens for powder coating. We have previewed each appliance and gone further to discuss the pros and cons.

Factors to consider before purchasing a toaster oven for powder coating.

  • Size – Choose a toaster oven that will be able to carry out your item sizes efficiently. One that has enough space to accommodate your items will ensure an efficient and effective operation.
  • Temperature control – Purchase a toaster oven that is equipped with temperature controls, this will enable you to adjust precise temperatures for your powder coating operations. The right temperature will enable you to achieve good results.
  • Timer – One that has an in-built timer is very important because it enables you to have specific time durations for your tasks.
  • Heat distribution – Choose a toaster oven that has the ability to distribute heat evenly. This will enable you to achieve consistent powder coating results.
  • Rack or tray system – Acquiring a toaster oven that has a rack or tray will hold your items during operations. The racks also enable you to carry out multiple powder coating for different items at the same time.
  • Heat-resistant interior – Powder coating requires high temperatures to ensure an efficient operation. A heat-resistant interior has the capability to withstand high heat.
  • Ventilation – Good ventilation is something to consider when powder coating items. Toaster ovens are not equipped with specific ventilation systems, using the in a well-ventilated area will prevent any accidents or hazards.

Below is a list of some of the best toaster oven for powder coating

  • 7.Cuisinart TOB-40N
  • 6. Oster Convection Oven
  • 5.Oster Toaster Oven
  • 3. COSORI Toaster Oven
  • 2.Toaster Oven 4 Slice
  • 1.BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven

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7. Cuisinart TOB-40N

Features: Manual

Dimensions: 11.74″D x 17″W x 8.35″H

Price: Cheaply Priced

To start our list of the best toaster oven for powder coating is the Cuisinart TOB-40N. This oven is versatile and can carry out a range of functions which include powder coating, baking, broiling and more. It has a large capacity and offers consistent results with the help of the “Always Even™ toast shade control feature.

Cuisinart TOB-40N 

This oven also has a stainless-steel front panel and cool touch handles together with easy-grip dials that ensure convenient use. On the other hand, its non-stick surface makes it very easy to clean thereby saving time and energy. The oven is also equipped with safety features such as an automatic shut-off and an auto slide rack for stability and safety.

This toaster oven comes with additional accessories that enhance your functionality. It also comes with a 3-year warranty whereby the appliance is repaired or replaced when it faces any issues. Acquiring this toaster oven can elevate your powder coating operations.


  • This oven is energy efficient.
  • It is also cost-effective.
  • It has a large space.


  • This toaster oven requires a large counter space.

6. Oster Convection Oven

Special Features: Digital

Dimensions: 20.15″D x 23.8″W x 15.1″H

Price: Highly Priced

Next on our list is the Oster convection oven. This toaster oven has a single-door pull which opens both doors with ease as well as convenience. It also features digital controls that ensure you full and precise powder coating time and also temperature. This helps prevents guesswork tasks or operations. The other standout feature is the turbo convection technology that speeds up powder coating operations.

Oster Convection Oven

The Oster Convection oven is built with a durable stainless-steel finish that gives it a premium appearance. Its appearance can fit any kitchen décor and even add sophistication to it. 2 racks that come with this toaster oven enhance flexibility when carrying out your operations. Additionally, the oven is also built with a large interior that can accommodate your powder-coating items easily.  

As we finalize, the preheating setting feature allows you to choose your desired temperatures for precise powder coating operations. Finally, a 90-minute timer is equipped with an auto-shut of signal which makes it very convenient. This means, once the toaster oven completes operations, it will shut down itself and notify you with a beep sound.


  • It is easy to use.
  • This toaster oven also offers maximum flexibility.
  • It is also equipped with a turbo convection feature.


Some people find it a bit too complex to use the controls.

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5. Oster Toaster Oven

Special Features: Convection technology

Dimensions: 19.29″D x 21.65″W x 12.91″H

Price: Modestly Priced

The Oster Toaster oven is also one of the top toaster ovens for powder coating. This oven is fast and also provides even heating which has been made possible with the help of convection technology feature. To add on top, it also has digital settings that enable you to carry a range of operations apart from powder coating. The oven can also be used for making pizza, baking, broiling and more.

Oster Toaster Oven

The other notable feature is its large interior which is enough to accommodate your powder-coating items. Cleaning its interior is a breeze thereby saving you time and effort. In addition to this, it also has a 90-minute timer and an auto shut off which enhance safety as well as convenience. Finally, 2 racks enhance the versatility of the oven. It uses 1500 watts of power which is enough to carry out any powder coating tasks.


  • This oven toaster offers faster and even heating.
  • It is powerful and durable.
  • The oven timer and auto shut-off add convenience when using this toaster oven.


  • Some people have raised issues regarding the time range. They claim it is too limited.


Special Features: Timer

Dimensions: 14.5″D x 22″W x 11.5″H

Price: Cheaply Priced

Black Decker TO3250XSB is also a great toaster oven for powder coating. The oven is equipped with a powerful convection fan that allows for faster and even powder coating tasks. The other notable feature is its dedicated toast timer. This feature ensures that you have a precise shade selection. Besides this, a 60-minute timer is also equipped with a stay-in functionality that enables the oven to carry out longer powder coating operations.


Black Decker also has temperature dial settings that are well-calibrated to enable the heating of advanced elements. This ensures you achieve your intended results. 3 rack positions on the other hand offer flexible operations.


  • It has a dedicated toast timer.
  • The oven is also equipped with a precision timer that has a stay-on functionality.
  • This toaster oven also has the ability to carry out heating of any kind of advanced elements.


  • It has a limited timer range unlike some which have a time range of 90 minutes.

3. COSORI Toaster Oven

Special Features: Smart control

Dimensions: 16.3″D x 16.9″W x 15.5″H

Price: Modestly Priced

The Cosori Toaster Oven is also one of the best toaster ovens for powder coating. This toaster oven is equipped with 12 functions which enhance its versatility. In addition, it has a 12-quart capacity which can accommodate a number of powder-coating items easily. To add on top, it is equipped with 6 heating elements and a 2-speed fan which ensures fast and even heating. The oven can reach up to temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This increases the speed of powder coating operations by 30%.

COSORI Toaster Oven

You can also use the VeSync app to control the oven with the help of a smartphone. Amazon Alexa or google assistant can also help you control the oven using voice commands. This toaster oven also comes with extra accessories that help you carry out a range of tasks. The removable crumb tray and non-stick tray make the cleaning process easy. To operate the oven wirelessly you will require a 2.4 Wi-Fi connection.


  • You can control this toaster oven wirelessly.
  • It has the ability to increase powder coating operations by 30%.
  • It is also versatile and can carry a range of operations.


  • A few people complain that the cost of purchasing is high. However, from our side, we say it is worth the price.

2. Toaster Oven 4 Slice

Special Features: Manual

Dimensions: 14.84″D x 8.86″W x 11.85″H

Price: Cheaply Priced

Next on our list is the Toaster Oven 4 slice. The oven has a spacious interior that can accommodate a number of powder-coating items. This toaster oven also features 3 knobs and also a warming function which enhances functionality and is also easy to use. The temperatures of this oven can reach a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit which can be adjusted during an operation.

The appliance also has an auto shut-off feature which ensures safety. In addition, the crumb tray makes it easy to clean. This toaster oven also allows you to adjust between light, medium, and dark toast. It also comes with accessories that enhance your operation to be easy and efficient. The oven has 1100-watt power which is suitable for powder coating operations. Finally, this toaster brand have excellent customer service who are willing to assist you whenever you have any issues.


  • The oven is built from premium-quality components.
  • They also have an excellent customer service.
  • It also has a spacious chamber.


  • Few users say it requires a learning curve.

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1.BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven

Special Features: Alcohol-Free

Dimensions: 11.63″D x 16.9″W x 9.07″H

Price: Cheaply Priced

Our top-ranking toaster oven for powder coating is the Black Decker. This toaster oven comes with 4 cooking functions which ensure for effective operation. It also has a compact size which is suitable for smaller items for powder coating. A 30-minute timer and a stay-on function enable you to extend your powder coating operations.

The oven also comes with a rack and a baking pan that fit inside perfectly thereby enhancing smooth operations. Lastly, it has a convection technology feature that distributes heat fast and evenly ensuring you achieve consistent powder coating results.


  • Its compact size is suitable for a small kitchen counter space.
  • The oven has a high wattage of 1150 watts which allows for quick preheating and efficient powder coating tasks.
  • It is also versatile and can carry out a range of operations.


  • The oven has a limited time range of 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use a toaster oven for powder coating?

Yes, you can use a toaster oven for powder coating though it is not recommended. For this reason, you have to ensure that your toaster oven has the ability to reach temperatures between 300 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (149 – 232 degrees Celsius). Some toaster ovens on the market reach 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Do you need a special oven for powder coating?

Yes, you need a special oven for powder coating. Powder coating operations require ovens that can reach high temperatures in order to deliver quality results. A regular or standard oven may not be able to carry out this task effectively.

  • How hot of an oven do you need for powder coating?

Powder coating requires temperatures of between 400 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit to properly cure the powder coating. It is also important to note that the temperature applied will vary depending on the product used.

  • What happens if you leave powder coat in oven too long?

Leaving the powder coat in the oven for too long can lead to burning or over-curing of the powder coat. Overcuring makes the coat brittle, loses color and even has a rough texture. Burning on the other hand can discolor and even fail to produce the expected coating result.

How long do you heat powder coat?

The time for heating the powder coat varies depending on the product and also instructions from the manufacturer. Checking the manufacturer’s instructions is important because it will let you know the temperature and time duration required. Most of the operations can take 10 to 30 minutes to cure properly.

  • What causes powder coating to peel off?

Powder coating peel-off is caused by the following: an improperly prepared surface, inadequate curing, contamination, incompatible techniques and lastly substrate issues.

  • Does rain affect powder coating?

Yes, rainwater does affect powder coating. This only happens if the coating is not well cured or exposed to heavy prolonged rainfall. It is also good to know that powder coating is meant to be durable and also resistant to a number of environmental conditions which include light, rain and even moisture. However, when you expose it to water for a long time may affect the coating negatively.


We can conclude by saying acquiring the right toaster oven can enable you to achieve effective, efficient and consistent powder coating results. Many people have debate regarding on whether an oven can carry out powder coating tasks. Yes, a toaster oven can carry out this task with ease as long as the oven can reach temperatures between 400 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


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