Can you grind chicken bones in a blender?Can you grind chicken bones in a blender?

Can You Grind Chicken Bones in A Blender? The Pros and Cons

Would you like to know whether you can grind chicken bones in a blender? If yes, then you are at the right place because this article has answered this question and also discussed other related information such as advantages, disadvantages and more.

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Yes, you can grind chicken bones in a blender. This process requires a blender that is equipped with a powerful motor, at least a minimum of 600-watt motors to produce consistent results. A Blender with less than 600-watt motor power can’t carry out the process of grinding chicken bones effectively and consistently.

Ninja BL660




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What is Grinding Chicken Bones?

Grinding chicken bones is a process of breaking down chicken bones into small and finer textures that can be used for different tasks such as feeds for pets and more.

The following is a process on how to grind chicken bones:

  • The first process is to choose the bones to grind. Under this step, select bones that are safe for consumption and also free from contaminants.
  • The next step is to clean and also boil or roast the bones if possible to get rid of excess fat. Once you are done cleaning and preparing, break the chicken bones into smaller pieces so that they can easily fit into the blender.
  • It is very important to use a high-powered blender with sharp blades to grind bones. Place the bones into the blender and fill halfway in the pitcher container. After you are done, add a small amount of water which will act as a lubricant so that the blades can spin easily.
  • Switch the blender on and gradually increase the speed. Ensure that you are careful not to overload or cause the blender to overheat. It will take a few minutes to achieve your desired textures.
  • After you are done grinding, you can use the ground bone right away or store it in an airtight sealed container in a freezer or refrigerator.

Benefits of Grinding Chicken Bones.

The following are the benefits of grinding chicken bones:

  • Chicken bones have important minerals like calcium and phosphorus which are beneficial to your body for strengthening teeth, joints and more. It is more useful to people who can’t digest whole bones.
  • Ground chicken bones have the ability to add flavor as well as texture to any recipe such as stew, soup and more. The ground bones can also be used to thicken sauces.
  • The bones can be used as animal feeds since they are nutritious.
  • Ground chicken bones can be used to prepare baby food.
  • Some people use ground chicken bones as a fertilizer.

Risks Associated with Grinding Chicken Bones

  1. Ground chicken if not cleaned properly, may get bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli and more. This is harmful to your health.
  2. Chicken bones can damage the blender because they are dense and hard. They can dull or even break the blades.
  3. If not well ground, the chicken bones can choke your throat or cause damage to your digestive system.
  4. If you consume too much ground bone, you may damage your dental work such as fillings or crowns. The ground fragments can also damage your teeth and gums.

Chicken Bones

Types of Blenders Suitable for Grinding Chicken Bones

The market has many blenders but there are few that can carry out the task of grinding chicken bones. Keep in mind that you can grind chicken bones with any high-performance blender that has more than 600 watts motor power.

What blenders will grind chicken bones?

  • Vitamix 5200 blender
  • Blendtec S885C2901

The list is endless.




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Instructions for Safely Grinding Chicken Bones in a Blender.

  1. Use a clear and clean working surface.
  2. Use soft chicken bone to grind in the blender. Hard bones can dull or even damage the blender.
  3. Ensure to break the bones into smaller pieces, this makes it easy for the blender to grind.
  4. Secure the blender lid before starting the process to prevent scattering of the bones which can cause accidents.

Alternatives to Grinding Chicken Bones in a Blender.

The following are alternatives to a blender for grinding chicken bones:

  1. Food processor – A food processor can grind chicken bones to finer textures easily.
  2. Electric or manual grinder – These 2 use a mechanism of pressing 2 plates with sharp teeth so that they can grind chicken bones.
  3. Pounding – This is an inexpensive process that is simple to carry out.


We can conclude by saying that you can grind chicken bones in a blender. Ground chicken has a number of advantages such as nutritional value for humans, cost-saving for pet feeds and more. As we finalize, it is important to have a high-performance blender so that you are able to achieve consistent blend textures.

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Frequently asked questions

What type of blender should I use to grind chicken bones?

If you want to grind chicken bones in a blender, it is recommended to use a high-powered blender that is equipped with sharp blades. The normal kitchen blender may not be powerful enough to grind chicken bones to fine textures.

Is it safe to consume ground chicken bones?

Consuming ground chicken can be safe if you have properly prepared, ground and also stored it. This means that you should ensure the bones are well-washed and free from contaminants.

What are the potential benefits of grinding chicken bones?

Ground chicken bones are beneficial because they have nutrients, add flavor to recipes and also aid in digestion.

What are the risks associated with grinding chicken bones in a blender?

Some of the risks associated with ground chicken bones are choking, damage to the blender, dental damage, bacteria and risk of illness if not prepared well or store the right way.

Can I use ground chicken bones in homemade bone broth?

Yes, you can use ground chicken bones in homemade bone broth. The important task to do is clean and prepare the chicken bones properly.


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