Invisacook: The Future Of Cooking Is Here

Would you like to know what is an Invisacook? If yes, you are reading the right guide. This guide has discussed all the information regarding the Invisacook. From the review, pros and cons as well as other related information.

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What is Invisacook?

Invisa is a modern and also innovative way to cook because it offers both functionality and also saves on space. Invisacook is a device installed beneath a kitchen countertop and uses magnetic induction to carry out cooking operations. The cooktop uses an advanced invisa induction technology that heats the countertop surface directly making cooking operations easier, faster and more convenient.

Features of Invisacook Induction Cooktop

The Invisacook features an advanced technology called the Invisacook technology. To add on top, the device can detect induction cookware using intuitive sensors. It is also equipped with safety features such as auto-shutoff. The appliance will switch itself off when not in use.

The Invisacook has a compact and lightweight design. The compact design allows you to save on space while the lightweight design enhances portability. Additionally, its elegant design enhances the appearance of any kitchen countertop.

The other amazing feature is that it has wifi connectivity feature. This means that you can control the appliance using a smart device. This enhances efficiency and convenience because you can control the appliance anywhere without having to move. It is perfect for both commercial and home use.

Lastly, the cooktop offers you a variety of materials that you can choose from. The materials include Geoluxe, porcelain and select granites. You can choose one that suits your preference.

Invisacook comes in 3 sizes which are:

  • 1 burner (11.5” x 14.75” x 2”), 120 V
  • 2 burner (12.25” x 20” x 2”)
  • 4 Burner (22.75” x 20” x 2”)
Invisacook 1 burner

How Does Invisacook Work?

Invisacook uses advanced Invisa technology to cook food faster than traditional methods. Its patented system utilizes three separate heating elements: a countertop at the top, a magnetic field in the middle, and an invisacook unit at the bottom, which allows for even heat distribution throughout your dish without any hot or cold spots.

The invisa induction technology works on the countertop which then heats the cookware. This saves a lot of energy. The result is perfectly cooked food every time you use this instrument.  The invisacook is safer than the traditional counter because it does not generate direct heat. Direct heat is good but dangerous also if one is not careful.

Invisacook pros and cons.


  • The Invisacook is very safe, does not use open flames or hot coils but instead uses electromagnetic energy.
  • The cooktop has an elegant design that can enhance any kitchen countertop.
  • They are efficient when it comes to fuel consumption compared to traditional stovetops.
  • The appliance also favors hygiene because there will be less or no-spill during cooking operations.
  • They are also versatile since they can be used to cook a wide variety of foods.


The cooktops may experience cracks if not properly maintained.

You require some time to learn how to use the Invisacook.

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Cooking Tips and Tricks with Invisacook

  • Clean the cooktop after use to prevent any residue build-up as well as damage.
  • Use cookwares’ that have a flat bottom because they fit evenly on the surface of the cooktop for even cooking operations.
  • Adjusting the temperature levels needs to be done in the right way because Invisacook heats up and cools down more quickly than traditional cooktops.
  • It is advisable to use a lower temperature setting when cooking with oil, this prevents smoking or burning during cooking operations.
  • Always check pan or pot compatibility with the cooktop. This will prevent damaging the cooktop.
  • Use a timer to monitor cooking times or operations because timings are different from the traditional cooktops.
  • Avoid placing hot cookware on top of the countertop directly because sudden changes in temperatures may lead to the Invisacook cracking.
  • It is important to use the right tools such as spoons, pans, pots and more. Using the wrong tools may damage the appliance.




Scenarios or meals where Invisacook may be useful.

Hosting dinner parties – Invisacool would be a great appliance for your kitchen if you like entertaining guests. The cooktop enables you to cook and serve food without occupying too much space.

Family meals – If you have a large family, you will be able to cook big and multiple meals at once without transferring pots or pans around.

Small kitchens or apartments – Invisacook is a perfect option for a small kitchen with limited counter space. It can be easily installed beneath the counter, thereby saving on space.

Cooking with kids – When using Invisacook, you don’t have to worry about kids accidentally coming into contact with the hot surface. This is a great cooktop to cook with your kids.

Quick meals – This cooktop heats up quickly and requires not setup or cleaning which makes it a great option for preparing quick meals.

Alternatives to Invisacook

The following are alternatives to Invisacook cooktops:

  • GTKZW electric cooktop
  • Nuwave Gold precision cooktop
  • Duxtop 1800W portable Induction cooktop
  • Cusimax 1800w ceramic cooktop
Invisacook 4 burner

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is invisacook?

Purchasing an invisacook will cost you between $1090 – 2790 depending on the size you purchase, eg 1 burner, 2 burner or 4 burner.

How can you tell where the burners are in Invisacook?

Burners on an invisacooktop have small raised dots or lines. This is the area that heats up during cooking operations.



Invisacook is a modern and revolutionized way to cook meals. The has many advantages such as controlling it wirelessly and is efficient when it comes to fuel consumption. You can create delicious meals with minimal effort and still yield great results.


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