Ninja foodi OL500 vs OL501Ninja foodi OL500 vs OL501

Ninja Foodi OL501 vs OL500

What is the difference between the Ninja OL500 vs OL501? The world of kitchen appliances has been evolving into reliable, durable and versatile appliances. The same case applies to the Ninja Foodi line, the company has been manufacturing innovative and multifunctional designs, that can elevate cooking operations to a higher level. This guide has discussed the Ninja Foodi OL500 and OL501, providing a head-to-head comparison. We not only compared them but also discussed their pros and cons. This will help you to purchase one that suits your desires.

The main difference between the Ninja Foodi OL500 and OL501 is the number of programmable cooking functions. The Ninja OL500 comes with 13 programmable cooking functions while the OL501 has 14 functions. The Ninja OL501 has an extra function which is the “Proof function. This function is great for bread and dough proofing.

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Ninja Foodi OL500

The Ninja Foodi Ol500 is a game-changer appliance that has a combination of convenience and versatility. The appliance has a large capacity that can carry out tasks such as pressure cooking, air frying and steam crisping. All these tasks can take place under one smart lid. Using this appliance can elevate your cooking tasks.

Ninja OL500

The secret of the Ninja Foodi OL500 is the smartlid slider that enables you to use 3 cooking modes and 13 cooking functions. These features enhance the versatility of this appliance and all tasks take place under one lid. The other standout feature is its steamcrisp technology. This is a technology that allows you to steam and crisp meals simultaneously. The outcome will be faster, juicer and crispier that does not dry out food. Here you will be able to achieve a perfect balance of moisture as well as crunch.

The Ninja OL500 is also equipped with a reversible rack which is built from stainless steel. This feature also acts as an additional function for the pressure cooker. The rack enables you to steam and broil thereby expanding cooking capabilities, one-touch or two-layer meals. Such a capacity is suitable for a large family or great for serving a number of guests.

When it comes to speed and health-conscious cooking, this pressure cooker does not disappoint at all. The appliance is 70% faster than traditional methods, 40% faster when it comes to 1-touch meals and 25% faster when baking cakes or artisan breads. It is also healthy to use because it uses 75% less fat than other frying methods such as deep frying and more. Using this appliance will enable you to enjoy crispy results that won’t affect your health.

Ninja OL500

The other notable feature is the 13 programmable cooking functions which are cooking, baking, dehydrating, sear, steam, sous, vide, slow cook, yogurt, keep warm and more. These functions expand the versatility functions of the appliance. Cleaning is a breeze which has been made possible because of ceramic, non-stick surface and dishwasher-safe parts. To add on top the parts are PFOA and PTFE free.

The Ninja Foodi OL500 comes with:

  • Ninja Pressure cooker with smart lid
  • 6.5 qt cooking pot
  • 4.6 qt cook and crisp plate
  • Stainless steel reversible rack
  • 45+ recipe cookbook


  • The Ninja OL500 is versatile.
  • The appliance has the capability to deliver consistent results.
  • It is easy to clean the appliance.
  • Food is cooked faster thereby saving time.


  • Beginners may require a learning curve.

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Ninja Foodi OL501

The Ninja Foodi OL501 pressure cooker is a culinary powerhouse that enables convenience and versatility in any kitchen. The appliance has a 6.5 qt cooking capacity which is large to accommodate large batch operations. The appliance has 3 cooking modes which are pressure cook, air fry and steam crisp. This makes the appliance versatile and capable to carry out a wide range of cooking operations under one smart lid.

Just like the Ninja OL500, this appliance also has a smart slider and a user-friendly interface. The friendly interface allows you to easily access the 3 cooking modes and 14 cooking functions under a single lid. This makes the appliance suitable for both beginners and professional-level users.

The other unique feature is its steamcrisp technology which has really changed the game of cooking meals. Similar to the OL500, you will be able to steam and crisp at the same time which results in a faster, juicer and crispier delivery. You also don’t have to worry about the food drying out, because it won’t. This is a revolutionized technology that makes delicious meals faster hence saving time for cooking.

Additionally, the OL501 comes with a stainless-steel reversible rack. The rack expands a layer of functionality. It will enable you to steam and broil which expands your cooking capacity. This will help you make one-touch, two-layered meals for guests and even your family.

Whether you want to save time or cook faster, this appliance does not disappoint at all. You will be able to create meals faster with 75%, 40% faster for 1-touch meals and 25% faster for baking cakes and artisan bread. This pressure cooker has proven to be faster than traditional methods. To add on top, the appliance also comes with 14 programmable functions which are pressure cook, broil, bake, dehydrate, steam and more.

Healthwise, the Ninja Foodi OL501 uses 75% less fat. Cleaning is also easy because the appliance is equipped with Ceramic coating, a non-stick surface and dishwasher-safe components. The parts are also PFOA and PFTE-free.

The Ninja OL501 includes:

  • Pressure cooker with smart lid
  • 6.5 qt cooking pot
  • 4.6 qt cook and crisp plate
  • Reversible stainless-steel rack
  • 45+ recipe cookbook


  • The Ninja OL501 favors a healthy meal because it reduces fat levels by up to 75%.
  • Cooks food faster compared to the traditional methods.
  • It also enhances versatile cooking.
  • A reversible rack expands your cooking capabilities.


The Ninja OL501 may not be suitable for a small counter space.

Similarities Ninja OL500 vs OL501

  • Family-sized capacity – Both models are constructed with a 6.5 qt capacity. This is perfect for carrying out larger meals for a large family or guests.
  • Versatile cooking – Both the OL500 and OL501 are versatile which makes it easy to conduct a variety of cooking tasks. You can pressure cook, air fry and even steam crisp. You can handle all these tasks with a single appliance which makes it efficient and less cluttered.
  • Smartlid slider – Both appliances are equipped with a smartlid slider which elevates your cooking operations. The smart lid enables you to access the cooking modes and cooking functions with ease.
  •  Steamcrsip technology – These 2 pressure cookers are also able to integrate steamcrisp technology. A technology that can steam and crisp food at the same time. Food is cooked faster, juicer and also crisper without drying the food out.
  • Cleaning – It is easy to clean both appliances because they are equipped with dishwasher-safe parts, ceramic coating and non-stick surface. This makes it a hassle-free cleaning task, saving you time and effort for cleaning.
  • Power – Both models have a wattage power of 1460. This means that food will be cooked faster and more efficiently.
  • Controls – Both appliances have touch controls, hence very easy to use.

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Differences between the Ninja OL501 vs OL500

  • Number of cooking functions – The Ninja OL500 is equipped with 13 programmable cooking programs while the OL501 is equipped with 14 programs. The 501 comes with an additional “Proof” function which is perfect for bread and dough proofing.
  • Dimensions – The Ninja OL500 has a dimension of 15.39″D x 14.21″ W x 13.07″H while the Ninja OL501 has 14.21″D x 15.39″ W x 13.07″H.
  • Price – The Ninja OL501 comes with a slightly higher price of $129.99 while the OL500 has $128.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What tasks can the Ninja Foodi OL500 carry out?

The Ninja Foodi OL500 is a versatile pressure cooker that can carry out tasks such as pressure cooking, air frying and even steam crisping.

  • What tasks can the Ninja Foodi OL501 do?

The Ninja OL501 is a high-performance pressure cooker that can pressure cook, air fry and steam crisp.

  • How long do Ninja Foodi appliances last?

The Ninja Foodi appliances can last for up to 10 years or more. However, this requires you to properly use and maintain the appliance.


We can conclude by saying both pressure cookers can elevate your cooking tasks. To add on top, the results are always outstanding and consistent in all your operations. From our comparison, the Ninja OL501 wins these completions. This is because it is an updated version of the OL500. It is equipped with 14 programs while the OL500 has 13. This means that the OL501 is more versatile than the OL500. However, when it comes to choosing the right one for yourself, it all depends on your desired preferences.


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