Ninja QB1004 Blender/food ProcessorNinja QB1004 Blender/food Processor

The Ninja QB1004 Review

The Ninja QB1004 is an appliance that can elevate your blending tasks with ease. Whether you want to create smoothies, crush ice, purees and more, the Ninja QB1004 can do it all. This appliance features a 450-watt motor. The is powerful enough to handle a number of blending tasks in most households.

Ninja QB1004




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The other notable feature of the QB1004 is its 48-ounce pitcher. This is strong and sturdy to blend tough ingredients such as frozen ingredients and also makes smoothies. In addition, it also comes with a 40-ounce bowl designed to handle food processing as well as meal preparations. The appliance is also versatile in handling tasks such as chopping, slicing and dicing of ingredients. Be rest assured to experience delicious meals with the Ninja QB1004.

For those who love chopped ingredients, the appliance comes with a 16-ounce chopper bowl. It is well designed to handle chopping tasks thereby achieving consistent results. Cleaning is also a breeze because this blender is constructed with dishwasher-safe parts. So, you don’t have to apply a lot of energy and also consume less time to clean. To add on top, the parts are BPA-free since they do not contain any harmful chemicals.

The other unique feature is splashguard and slip bases. The feature is useful because blends don’t spill or mess when pouring. To add on top, it also comes with a storage lid so that you can easily store your blends results after operations. Using this appliance is very easy because the blend controls are straightforward.

Ninja QB1004

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The Ninja QB1004 comes with:

  • 450-watt power pod
  • 48-ounce pitcher
  • 16-ounce chopper bowl
  • 40-ounce processor bowl equipped with a splash guard
  • 2 storage lids


  • The Ninja QB1004 is also versatile. This is possible because of interchangeable attachments such as the 48-ounce pitcher, 40-ounce chopper bowl and powerful motor.
  • The appliance is BPA-free.
  • Dishwasher-safe components make it very easy to clean the appliance.
  • Its 450-watt motor is sufficient to blend tasks with ease.
  • It is also suitable for small-batch blending tasks.
  • Its compact size enhances portability.
  • It is suitable for a smaller counter space.


  • The Ninja QB1004 blender is affordable.
  • It is not as powerful as other high-end blenders on the market.





  • Plastic container – available
  • Blade material – Stainless steel
  • Material – Plastic
  • Wattage – 450 watts
  • Voltage – 120
  • Speed – 1
  • Dishwasher safe – Yes
  • Controls – Push down
  • Depth – 18.5 inches
  • Width – 48.7 inches
  • Height – 29.5 inches
  • Weight – 1 pound

Ninja QB1004

Comparison of the Ninja QB1004 with other blenders

  • Power and performance – The Ninja QB1004 is equipped with a 450-watt motor that is powerful enough to blend a variety of tasks like ingredients, ice, fruits, vegetables and more. It is not as powerful as high-end blenders but the results produced are always reliable and consistent.
  • Versatility – This feature makes it stand out from other blenders on the market because it is also capable of blending a wide variety of tasks.
  • Container size – Most blenders on the market are able to handle medium and large batch operations. The Ninja AQ1004 on the other hand has proven to be a suitable appliance for handling small batch blending tasks.
  • Price – When compared to other blenders on the market, this blender is very cheap. Which makes anyone able to afford it, unlike high-end blenders which are very costly.
  • Durability – This appliance is way more durable than other blenders on the market. This is because it is well-designed and constructed from high-quality materials.
  • Design and Portability – The Ninja QB1004 has a compact and lightweight design. This is unlike most blenders in the industry. With a weight of just 1 pound, it can be carried anywhere easily.

Price and Value comparison

The Ninja comes with a purchase price of $59.99. This makes it one of the most affordable blenders on the market that has the capability to deliver exceptional results. This blend results are always consistent.

Warranty and After sales service

The Ninja QB1004 comes with a 1-year warranty. Within this period the company can replace or repair your blender if it faces quality issues. It also has excellent customer service willing to assist you when you face any issues with the appliance. It is also important to note that the warranty does not apply to physically damaged appliances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where to buy ninja master prep professional qb1004?

You can purchase the Ninja QB1004 from online retailers such as Amazon, Ninja Kitchen official website and even any retail shop. It all depends on your preference or convenience.

  • Where can I find a replacement for a Ninja blender model QB1004?

You can purchase Ninja qb1004 replacement parts from online stores, the official Ninja Website and even retail shops.

  • Is the Ninja QB1004 durable?

The Ninja QB1004 is durable because it is well-designed and constructed from high-quality materials. To add on top, the durability will also depend on whether you use and maintain the appliance well.

  • What are the functions of the Ninja QB1004?

The QB1004 is a versatile blender that can blend a wide range of tasks such as making smoothies, blending frozen ingredients, sauces, baby food and more.




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We can conclude by saying that the Ninja QB1004 is a versatile, durable and reliable blender that can enhance blend operations. It is equipped with a number of features that can elevate your blending tasks and results are always consistent. Using this blender allows you to carry out operations such as making smoothies, chopping ingredients and more.


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