Ninja SS351 vs BN801Ninja SS351 vs BN801

Ninja SS351 vs BN801: Which Blender Is Best for You?

Would you like to know the difference between the Ninja SS351 and the Ninja BN801? If yes, then you are one lucky person because this article has all the information regarding these 2 blenders. We have discussed the following review, pros, cons, similarities and differences. This will help you when choosing the right blender between the 2.

The difference between the Ninja SS351 and the Ninja BN801 is the number of automatic programs. The Ninja SS351 has 6 automatic programs while the Ninja BN801 has 5 automatic programs. An automatic program allows you to easily customize your blends to your preferred preference.

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Ninja SS351 Foodi Power Blender Review

The Ninja SS351 foodi power blender is versatile and high-performance. The blender has the ability to carry out a wide variety of blending tasks. It features a 1400-watt motor with smart torque which has the capability to blend tougher ingredients. The motor is powered via heavy loads so you don’t have to stall or stir.

Ninja SS351

The Ninja SS351 is equipped with Auto IQ programs or also known as 6 versatile functions. These functions make the process of performing smoothies, extraction, dough, spreads and bowls very easy. Auto IQ technology is also important because you will be able to integrate timing, blending operations, pulsing and pausing patterns. This prevents guesswork during blending tasks.

The other amazing feature is the variable speed control. This feature allows you to regulate the speeds of blending operations. Additionally, a nutrient extractor on the other hand ensures that all nutrients are broken down and extracted completely. This means that no nutrients will go to waste thereby enhancing a healthy lifestyle.

The Ninja SS351 also has a smoothie bowl maker for you to create smoothies easily. The other feature is the dough mixer which has enough torque to mix ingredients quickly and uniformly. The torque or power has the ability to carry a 2 lbs operation in less than 30 seconds.

Ninja SS351

Pros of the Ninja SS351

  1. The SS351 is powerful and can carry out tougher blending tasks.
  2. It is also a versatile blender.
  3. Dishwasher-safe parts make it very easy to clean the blender.
  4. BPA-free parts make it safe to blend food.
  5. The purchasing price is affordable.

Cons of the Ninja SS351

  1. Can be a bit noisy during some operations.
  2. May not be suitable for a small kitchen.
Ninja SS351

Ninja BN801 Review

The Ninja BN801 is a great blender that is powerful and versatile. The blender features a 1400 motor that has the ability to carry out blending tasks with ease. The blender can carry out tough ingredients such as frozen fruit, ice and more. Its elegant design can enhance the appearance of any kitchen decor. To add on top of this, its size favors portability when traveling.

Ninja BN801

This blender also has Auto IQ technology to integrate blending operations such as timed pulsing, blending as well as pausing patterns. To add on top of this, the blender has a 72-ounce pitcher that is large enough to carry large batch blending operations for guests and even a large family. 24 oz single-serve cups have spout lids that enable users who are on the go to have an easier time.

Cleaning the blender is also easy because it is built with BPA-free and dishwasher-safe parts. The parts are also removable which makes it easy to reach every part for cleaning. The purchasing price for this blender is affordable with a price tag of $149. This blender can be used both at home and in professional settings such as an office.

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The following are features of the Ninja BN801:

  • Speed settings – 3
  • Detachable – Available
  • Watts power – 1400 watts
  • Capacity – 72 ounces
  • BPA free – Yes
  • Pulse function – Available
  • Pitcher material – Plastic
  • Multi-serve – Yes
  • Preset programs – 5 programs(chop, extract, smoothie, mix and ice crush)
  • Programmable – Yes
  • Pour Spout – Available
  • Power switch – Available
Ninja BN801

Pros of the Ninja BN801

  1. The Ninja BN801 is versatile.
  2. Built with a powerful motor.
  3. Single-serve cups allow for on-the-go blends.
  4. Nutrient extractor breaks down nutrients completely.

Cons of the Ninja BN801

  1. The blender can be noisy during some operations.
  2. May not be suitable for a small counter.

Similarities of the Ninja SS351 vs BN801

  1. Power – Both blenders have a 1400 watts motor.
  2. Blade material – The Ninja SS351 and BN801 use steel as their blade material.
  3. Dishwasher safe – The 2 blenders are dishwasher safe.
  4. Pitcher size – The Ninja SS351 and the BN801 have a 72-ounce pitcher.

Differences between BN801 vs 351

  1. Price – The cost of Ninja BN801 expensive than the Ninja SS351.
  2. Automatic Program – The Ninja SS351 is equipped with 6 automatic programs while the Ninja BN801 is equipped with 5.
  3. Weight – The Ninja BN801 has 8.8 pounds while the weight of Ninja SS351 is 8.2 pounds.
  4. Blending bowl – The Ninja SS351 comes with a 14-ounce bowl with a lid while the Ninja BN801 does not come with a bowling cup.
  5. Food processor bowl – The Ninja BN has a 64-ounce precision processor bowl while the SS351 does not have a food processor bowl.
  6. Blades – The Ninja SS351 is equipped with a hybrid edge blade, dough, chopping, and crushing blades while the Ninja BN801 has a dough, total crushing, pro extractor, and chopping blade.
  7. Voltage – The Ninja SS351 has 120 volts while the Ninja BN801 has 110 volts.
  8. Dimensions -The SS351 has 8.19” x 8.43” x 14.17 while the BN801 has 7.38 x 9,63 x 18
  9. Cord length – The Ninja B801 has a cord length of 30 inches while the Ninja SS351 has a cord length of 31.5 inches.

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Conclusion “Ninja SS351 vs BN801

The Ninja SS351 and the Ninja BN801 are great blenders that are popularly known for their performance and durability. We will not choose sides because the right one for yourself will highly on your preference.


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