Ninja cfp301 vs cfp451Ninja cfp301 vs cfp451

Ninja CFP451 vs CFP301

Would you like to know the difference between the Ninja CFP301 and CFP451? When it comes to brewing coffee, every detail plays a role. The coffee bean selection, water temperature and brewing technique all play a role in producing a great cup. Today we will be comparing 2 formidable contenders, the Ninja CFP301 and CFP451. We will explore their ins and outs so that you are able to make a wise decision on which to purchase.

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The main difference between the Ninja CFP451 and CFP301 is the size and design of the removable water reservoir. The Ninja has a 70-ounce removeable water reservoir while the CFP301 has a 60-ounce multi-position water reservoir. This means that the CFP301 removable water reservoir can be placed on the side or rear of the appliance depending on the kitchen counter space.

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Ninja CFP451

The Ninja CFP451 is a dualbrew coffee maker by Ninja Company. This appliance is well-designed to elevate your morning coffee brewing routine. One of its unique features is its outstanding speed. The coffee maker has the capability to brew coffee pods faster compared to the top K-cup coffee maker. This means you will enjoy your coffee in time since it won’t take long to brew.

Ninja CFP451

The other feature that sets the Ninja CFP451 apart from other coffee makers on the market is its versatility. This appliance has the ability to cater to all kinds of coffee. Whether you want traditional coffee grounds or coffee pods. Additionally, it also features 9 ground brew sizes and 4 pod brew sizes. This brew size feature gives you the freedom to brew coffee to your preference. To add on top, it also comes with a single-cup carafe.

In addition, the coffee maker also comes with 4 distinct brewing styles which are classic, rich, specialty and over ice. This means you will be able to have a bold morning wake-up coffee or a refreshing iced coffee for a hot day, this appliance can do it effortlessly. Fresh brewed over ice is packed with a great flavor that does not water down.

The Ninja CP451 is also constructed with a removable water reservoir that has a capacity of 70 ounce. Its size makes it easy to refill water from a sink. In addition, the appliance comes with a foldable single-serve platform which reduces splashing from brewed coffee.

Furthermore, the appliance design is also packed with important features. One of them is the adjustable warming plate which ensures your coffee is kept warm or hot for up to 4 hours. This makes it flexible for you to brew at your own pace. Besides this, the coffee maker comes with a cleaning function and dishwasher-safe parts which make cleaning a breeze. Removeable Ninja Pod makes it easy to maintain the appliance.

This dual-brew coffee maker is equipped with thermal flavor extraction technology, precise temperature control which ensures evenly saturated coffee. These features allow you to experience a bursting flavor with every cup that you take. Using this appliance will enable you to have a faster, customizable and effortless brewing experience.

Ninja CFP451

The Ninja cfp451 comes with:

  • Dual brew coffee system
  • Ninja Pod Adapter
  • 14-cup glass carafe
  • 70-ounce removable water reservoir


  • The Ninja CFP451 is equipped with 4 customizable brewing styles.
  • Adjustable plate has the capability to keep your brewed coffee warm for up to 4 hours.
  • It comes with a 70-ounce water reservoir that is convenient to refill.
  • It is versatile.


  • Some people say it purchasing price is a bit high, however, on our side, we say it’s worth the price.

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Ninja CFP301

The Ninja CFP301 is a versatile appliance that can handle brewing both coffee grounds and pod options. This appliance is equipped with 9 brew sizes and 4 traditional pod brew sizes, which provide you with a wide range of brewing tasks you can carry out. However, it is very important to have the right grind size, amount of coffee as well as well tamped grounds, before starting to brew. Having everything put right will enable the required pressure for brewing your coffee properly. Lack of enough pressure may lead to an inadequate brewing operation. Some of the 9 brewing sizes include small cup, cup, XL cup, travel mug and more. 4 traditional pod brew sizes include 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounce.

Ninja CFP301

Additionally, the CFP301 comes with 4 brewing styles which are classic, rich, over ice and specialty. Just like the Ninja CFP451, this feature gives you the freedom to customize your coffee to your desired preference. The specialty brew on the other hand enables you to experience a super-rich concentrated coffee. This is perfect for creating macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos and other styled drinks.

The other notable feature of this machine is its independent hot water system which is equipped with 2 temperature settings. The 2 temperature settings are hot and boil. The hot water dispenser is separate and can be used in creating oatmeal, instant soups, hot cocoa which makes the appliance convenient and versatile. Furthermore, a built-in fold-away frother enables you to easily change hot or cold milk to a silky-smooth froth. This can be removed easily for cleaning. To add on top of this, the Ninja CFP301 has a multi-position water reservoir.

Just like the Ninja CFP451, this one is also easy to clean because it is equipped with a cleaning function and dishwasher-safe components. The Ninja pod on the other hand is easy to remove thereby making maintenance a simple task. Without forgetting, this appliance comes with a 60-ounce multi-position water reservoir that is easy to clean and refill. The water reservoir can be placed either on the side or rear depending on your kitchen countertop.

Ninja CFP301

This coffee maker comes with:

  • Dual brew coffee system
  • Ninja pod adapter
  • 12-cup glass carafe
  • Fold-away frother
  • Paper filter kit
  • The 60-ounce removable water reservoir
  • Independent hot water dispenser
  • Ninja smart scoop


  • The appliance can carry out specialty brewing.
  • The Ninja CFP301 is also versatile.
  • It comes with an independent hot water system.
  • It is equipped with an in-built frother.


  • It may require a learning curve for beginner-level users.


  • Dual coffee maker – Both coffee maker models provide ground and pod coffee systems. This enables you to either brew coffee grounds or pods depending on your desire.
  • Multiple brewing sizes – Both the Ninja CFP301 and CFP451 are able to accommodate different brewing sizes. Both are equipped with 9 ground brew sizes and 4 traditional brew sizes.
  • Brew styles – These 2 appliances are equipped with 4 multiple brewing styles which allows catering for different tastes. These brew styles include classic, rich, specialty and over-ice.
  • Thermal flavor extraction duo – Both models have a thermal flavor extraction system that enables even saturation as well as precise temperature control in order to achieve flavorful coffee. It does not matter whether it is grounds or pods.
  • Cleaning – Both models are built with a clean function and dishwasher-safe parts. This makes it very convenient to clean and maintain.
  • Iced Coffee – The Ninja CFP451 and CFP301 both have the capability to brew fresh over ice which is flavorful and does not water down.

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  • Adjustable Warm Plate – The Ninja CFP451 is equipped with an adjustable warming plate while the CFP301 does not have this feature. Adjustable plate keeps your brewed coffee warm for up to 4 hours.
  • Removable water reservoir – The Ninja CFP451 is constructed with a 70-ounce removable water reservoir that is easy to refill. On the other hand, the CFP301 has a 60-ounce water reservoir that is multi-position. This means you can place the reservoir at the side or rear depending on the kitchen countertop.
  • Fold away frother – The Ninja CFP301 has an in-built fold away frothier while the CFP451 does not have this feature. This feature makes it easy to transform hot or cold milk into a silky smooth froth.
  • Independent hot water system – The Ninja CFP301 is equipped with an independent hot water system that has a separate hot water dispenser. This allows you to create instant soups, oatmeal and more. On the other hand, the CFP451 does not have this feature.
  • Foldable single-serve platform – The Ninja CFP451 is built with a single-serve platform while the CFP301 does not have this feature. This feature helps prevent splashing of brewed coffee.
  • Dimensions – The CFP451 has a dimension of 9.94″D x 15.54″ W x 11.39″H while the CFP301 has 9.13″D x 11.39″ W x 15.54″H.
  • Material – The CFP301 has a material construction of glass while the CFP451 has plastic material.
  • Weight – The CFP301 also has a weight of 9.69 pounds while the CFP451 has 9.91 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is a Ninja coffee maker worth it?

A ninja coffee maker is worth the price. The coffee maker will elevate your coffee brewing operation hence achieving your desired coffee. These appliances are equipped with impressive features such as brew styles, brew sizes and other features that can enhance the brewing of coffee, e.g. fold away frother, multi-position water reservoir and more.

  • How long does the Ninja coffee maker last?

The duration of the Ninja coffee maker longevity depends on how it is used, maintained and the frequency of use. Most users say they can last 5 years or more if they are used and maintained properly.

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We can conclude by saying both coffee makers are versatile, powerful and durable. The brewing results from both blenders are excellent. From our comparison, the Ninja CFP301 wins this comparison because it is packed with some extra features which makes it more reliable and efficient than the CFP451. Some of the features it has that CFP451 doesn’t have include a multi-position water reservoir, built-in fold-away frother, independent hot water system and more. This does not mean that CFP451 is not good, it is still great. However, the right coffee maker for yourself depends on your personal desires.


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