Ninja CM300 vs CM305Ninja CM300 vs CM305

Ninja CM305 vs CM300

What is the difference between the Ninja CM300 vs CM305? This guide will be comparing these 2 popular coffee makers, the Ninja CM300 and CM305. They are very popular because of their exceptional performance, durability as well as versatility. In this guide, we will discuss their features, performance and overall value. This information will help you to make a decision on which one to purchase.

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The main difference between the Ninja CM300 vs CM305 is the delay brew. The Ninja CM305 has a delay brew while the CM300 does not.

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Ninja CM300

The Ninja CM300 is a versatile coffee maker that is equipped with 3 distinct brewing styles. These styles are classic, rich and over ice. The other notable feature is its iced coffee feature. The iced coffee feature enables you to experience a vibrant and also refreshing flavor that does not water down.

Ninja CM300

The Ninja CM300 is also equipped with a removable water reservoir that is well-designed, making it easy to refill. To add on top, it also has 6 brewing sizes that range from single cup to full carafe. This makes it easy for you to customize your brew for any occasion. Without forgetting, It also comes with a 10-cup glass equipped with an adjustable warming plate. This feature allows your coffee to be warm for up to 4 hours.

The cm300 comes with:

  • 10-cup glass carafe
  • Removeable reservoir


  • This coffee maker is versatile because it has 3 brewing styles.
  • It is easy to refill.
  • The appliance is cheap.
  • The adjustable warming has the ability to make your coffee warm for up to 4 hours.
  • The appliance has the capability to carry out iced coffee.


  • Require a learning curve.
  • It is not suitable for small counter space.

Ninja CM305

The Ninja CM305 is also another great coffee maker that is worth considering too. Just like the Ninja CM300, the CM305 also has 3 brewing styles which are classic, rich and over-ice. Using this appliance also enables you to carry out iced coffee with ease. The other unique feature is the removable water reservoir which is equipped with auto metering. The auto metering enables you to refill with ease with accurate measurements.

Ninja CM305

The CM305 is also equipped with a thermal flavor extraction. A feature that enables you to experience rich and flavorful coffee. In addition, the appliance does not require the use of pods which gives you the flexibility to create coffee grounds and blends. The other notable feature is the 24-hour delay brew, using this feature will enable you to wake up with fresh coffee.

The appliance comes with:

  • Thermal carafe
  • Permanent filter
  • Ninja smart scoop


  • It is equipped with a 24-hour brew feature.
  • The appliance is versatile.
  • Does not require the use of pods.
  • Produces quality coffee.
  • It is also durable.


  • The coffee maker may require a learning curve.

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Similarities between Ninja CM305 vs CM300

The following are similarities between the CM305 vs CM300:

  • Iced Coffee Excellence – Both appliances have the ability to create iced coffee that has a flavorful profile. To add on top, it does not water down.
  • Brew sizes – The Ninja CM305 and CM300 are all equipped with 3 brewing styles. This ranges from a single cup to a full carafe.
  • Removable water reservoir – These 2 coffees make come with a removable water reservoir that is convenient to refill.
  • Carafe – Both appliances come with a 10-cup glass carafe.

Differences between the Ninja CM300 vs CM305

  • Water reservoir design – The Ninja CM300 has a pull-away design water reservoir while the CM300 comes with a water reservoir that has auto metering.
  • Thermal flavor extraction – The Ninja CM305 is equipped with a thermal flavor extraction while the CM300 does not. This feature allows you to experience a rich and flavorful coffee.
  • Pods – The CM305 does not require pods while the CM300 requires pods. This gives the CM305 the freedom to brew coffee grounds without any constraints.
  • Delay brew – The Ninja CM305 is built with a delay brew that reaches up to 24 hours while the cm300 does not.
  • Adjustable warming plate – The Ninja CM300 has an adjustable warming plate while the CM305 is not equipped with this feature.
  • Price – The cost of purchasing the CM305 is higher with a price tag of $155 while the CM300 is lower with a price tag of $64.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Ninja cm300 use pods?

No, the Ninja CM300 does not require pods. The appliance can brew using ground coffee.

  • What size filter for Ninja CM305?

The Ninja CM305 uses a standard number 4-sized cone coffee filter.

  • How long does a Coffee Ninja last?

The Coffee Ninja can last many years because they are built from durable and high-quality materials. However, the duration will be possible if you use the appliance properly and maintain it well.

  • Is Ninja coffee maker worth the money?

The Ninja coffee is worth the many. The appliance is equipped with features that can enhance your brewing experience. To add on top the appliance is durable and versatile. The results produced are great.

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We can conclude by saying both appliances are great and have the ability to deliver outstanding brew results. They both have a number of similarities as well as differences. From our side, the CM305 carries the day because it has extra features like delay brew and more. This does not mean the CM300 is not worth it, in fact, they have similar features. Choosing the right one will depend on your personal preferences.


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