Vitamix s55 vs 5300Vitamix s55 vs 5300

Vitamix 5300 vs s55

Vitamix has built a good reputation over the years because of the quality, durable and versatile blenders they produce. Just like other Vitamix blenders, the S5300 and s55 are also popular. This guide has explored the features of each blender, its similarities, differences, pros as well and cons. This kind of information adds a huge impact when deciding on which to purchase.

The container capacity or size is the main difference between the Vitamix 5300 and S55. This is because the Vitamix 5300 uses a 64-ounce container while the S55 uses 2 containers, a 20 and 40-ounce container. These 2 containers are great for small batch tasks and on the go.

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Vitamix s55

The features packed on the Vitamix s55 enable it ti be listed among the best blenders. The blender features 4 programmed settings which are smoothies, power blend, dips and spreads and finally frozen desserts. These features enhance the versatility of the blender, thereby allowing you to create a number of recipes. Additionally, the programmed settings prevent guesswork operations.

Vitamix S55

Customization of your preferred textures can be carried out with the 10 variable control settings. Whether you want to create velvety purees or chunky salsas, you will be able to have full control over your blends. To add on top, the cleaning task for this blender is easy, thanks to dishwasher-safe parts. For lazy people, this will enable you to enjoy your time.

Additionally, its 2 blending tritan containers which are 20- and 40-ounce containers. The 20-ounce can be utilised as a travel cup and it comes with a flip-top lid. On the other hand, the 40-ounce container is perfect for small-batch blending operations for soups, sauces and more. The blender has a compact design that saves on space and can easily fit on many kitchen counter spaces.

The blender has a 1000-watt motor, which is powerful enough to handle even challenging operations with ease. Besides this, its 5-year warranty shows you that the appliance is of high quality. During the warranty period, the blender can be replaced or repaired by the company if it faces any problems. This does not apply to a physically damaged blender.

Vitamix S55

The blender comes with:

  • Motor base
  • 20-ounce container plus travel lid
  • 40-ounce container equipped with 2-part vent lid
  • Blade base
  • A low-profile tamper
  • User manual


  • The compact size of this blender makes it fit on most kitchen counter space.
  • The blender also comes with an on-the-go container plus a lid.
  • Its durability allows you to use it for a long time.
  • The blender is versatile.


  • Due to its small size, it limits large batch tasks.

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Vitamix 5300

The Vitamix 5300 is a reliable and durable blender that can help you fulfill your blending duties. The blender has the capability to elevate your blending operations to another level. The blender comes with a powerful motor that has a 2.2 horsepower. This kind of power has the ability to face any tougher ingredient with minimal effort. This ensures that your blend results will be consistent all the time.

Vitamix 5300

The blender offers you your preferred setting for customizing blends using 10 variable speed settings. Just like the Vitamix s55, you will have full control over your blends. you can opt to use gentle or high-speed blends to suit your operations. Additionally, this blender is also versatile allowing you to enjoy as you explored different drinks and recipes. Some of the operations you will be able to carry out include smoothies, soups, frozen desserts and more.

The Vitamix 5300 is built with an elegant design, this means that the look of your kitchen will be enhanced . Its low-profile 64-ounce pitcher ensures that you have an easier time conducting both medium and large batch blend operations. The container is also BPA free meaning that it is safe to prepare meals or drinks. Apart from this, the container also has a spout that prevents any spills or drips.

The durability of the Vitamix 5300 is no exception, it is built with high-quality materials that can last a long time with good usage and maintenance. It is well constructed to carry out daily and heavy daily blending operations without facing any problems. Additional, overheating issues of the blender are prevented with the cooling fan and thermal protection feature. The features are very helpful especially when the blender functions for extended periods.

Vitamix 5300

The blade material of this blender is stainless steel, which can withstand daily and tough blending tasks. The blade also ensures that you achieve consistent results. Finally, this blender comes with a 7-year warranty, which shows that the blender has a quality build-up that can last a long time.


  • The Vitamix 5300 is versatile.
  • This blender also has a feature that prevents it from overheating.
  • The blender also comes with a 7-year warranty.
  • It is also durable.


  • Noise level can be a bit high when conducting some tasks.

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Similarities between the Vitamix 5300 vs S55

  • Variable speed controls – Both blenders come with 10 variable speed controls. This will enable you to easily adjust blending speeds to achieve your desired textures.
  • BPA-free – Both models are built from BPA materials, which makes it safe when it comes to drink or meal preparations.
  • Versatility – The Vitamix s55 and 5300 are versatile allowing you to conduct a variety of blend tasks, this includes creating soups, smoothies and more.
  • Durability – The construction build up of this 2 blenders is high quality.
  • Interface – Both models have an easy-to-use interface, which makes them suitable for both beginner to professional level users.

Differences between the Vitamix 5300 vs S55

  • Programmed settings – The Vitamix s55 has 4 programmed settings, a feature that the Vutamix 5300 lacks.
  • Power – When it comes to power, the 5300 Vitamix blender is powered by a 2.2 horsepower motor. The S55 has a 1000 motor which means the Vitamix 5300 has more power compared to the 1000 watt.
  • Containers – The 5300 blender is constructed with a 64-ounce low-profile pitcher. On the other hand, the s55 comes with 2 containers 20- and 40-ounce containers. The 5300 is great for large batch operations while the S55 containers are great for small, medium and on-the-go.
  • Price – Vitamix 5300 costs higher than the s55 with a price of $589.99. The price of s55 is $450, lower than the 5300.
  • Protective features – The Vitamix 5300 is equipped with a radial cooling fan and a thermal protection feature. On the other hand, the S55 does not have this feature.
  • Size – The S55 has a compact size, allowing it to easily fit many counter spaces. On the other hand, the 5300 is large in size making it not fit easily in many kitchen counter spaces.
  • Noise level – The noise level of the Vitamix 5300 has a lower noise level of 80 decibels while the S55 has 88 decibels.
  • Warranty – The S55 comes with a 5-year warranty while the 5300 is a 7-year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was Vitamix 5300 released?

The Vitamix was first released in the year 2001. The blender is very popular because of its exceptional performance, durability and versatility.

  • Is Vitamix 5200 similar to 5300?

The Vitamix 5300 is not similar to 5200. These 2 are different blenders that are equipped with a few similarities as well as differences. They are different models.

  • How much horsepower does a Vitamix 5300 have?

The Vitamix 5300 comes with a horsepower of 2.2. This is powerful enough to blend ingredients with ease, this includes the toughest ones.

  • How loud Is the Vitamix 5300?

The Vitamix 5300 is not very loud. It has a noise level of 80 dB. This is lower compared to other blenders available on the market.

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From our conclusion, these 2 blenders can deliver results as expected. the Vitamix 5300 carries the day because of its power and exceptional features. The Vitamix 5300 is more powerful than the s55, it also has features such as thermal protection and more. The only advantage of the s55 over the 5300 is the 4 programmable settings.


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