Vitamix 6500 vs E310Vitamix 6500 vs E310

Vitamix E310 vs 6500

When it comes to the world of high-performance blenders, Vitamix stands out as a titan, very popular for power, durability and versatility. Among its popular model lines, is the Vitamix 6500 and E310 which have sparked a lot of debate on which is the best. Both blenders are equipped with amazing features, however, each blender caters to different needs as well as preferences. This guide has explored both blender’s strengths, drawbacks and also performance. This will help you make a decision to purchase your perfect match.

The main difference between the Vitamix 6500 and E310 is the container capacity. The Vitamix 6500 has a 64-ounce container while the Vitamix E310 has a 48-ounce container. This means the Vitamix 6500 blender is suitable for large batch operations while the E310 is great for small and medium tasks.

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Vitamix E310

The Vitamix E310 is a powerful blender on the market that is highly loved because of its features. The blender features a 1400 motor that has enough power to blend even the toughest ingredients with ease. To add on top, the motor allows you to achieve smooth and consistent blend results. This will enable you to create a range of recipes with minimal effort.

Vitamix E310

The other standout feature is 10 variable speed settings. This feature enables you to have full and precise control over your blend texture as well as consistency. It will be easy for you to make smooth purees or chunk salsas using this feature. It allows you to experience the flexibility to achieve blend results of your preference.

The pulse function on the other hand enables short burst blends. This feature enables use to easily customize your blends. The feature is suitable for chopping vegetables, making chunks and dips and more. The other notable feature is its 48-ounce container which is suitable for small and medium batch operations. Its titan material buildup and construction enable it to withstand rigorous blending operations. The material is BPA-free, durable and resistant to cracking or breaking.

The Vitamix E310 is also constructed with hardened stainless-steel blades which are made from top-notch aircraft stainless steel. These blades are well-designed to handle even the most resilient ingredients, thereby guaranteeing consistent results every time. Additionally, its 4.5 feet cord is long enough to allow flexibility and ease of blending tasks.

The self-cleaning function and dishwasher-safe components make the process of cleaning a breeze. All you need for the self-cleaning feature is to use warm water and soap. Let the cycle run for 30 to 60 seconds to clean efficiently. This feature will enable you to save time and also effort for cleaning. The other important features are the radial cooling fan and thermal protection which ensure the blender does not overheat during operations, especially extended sessions.

Vitamix E310

Lastly, the blender comes with a tamper tool and cookbook which will enable you to explore a range of recipes.


  • The Vitamix E310 is powerful.
  • It is also versatile due to its ability to carry out a range of tasks.
  • The blender is also durable.
  • It is easy to operate or use.
  • The cleaning process is easy due to dishwasher-safe components and self-cleaning feature.
  • Its compact design makes it suitable for small kitchen counter spaces.


  • The blender can be quite noisy when carrying out some operations.

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Vitamix 6500

The Vitamix 6500 is also a great blender that is also powerful and versatile. Using this blender can elevate your blending operations significantly. This blender features a 1640-watt motor that is powerful to easily pulverize even the toughest ingredients. The blender is suitable for creating smoothies, soups and more. You will be able to achieve velvety textures as well as perfect blends in every operation.

Vitamix 6500

On the other hand, the blender is equipped with 10 variable speed controls and a pulse feature. Whether you want to achieve smooth puree or coarse blend textures, this feature will do it for you. Additionally, the pulse feature allows you to fine-tune your blend and also maintain consistency to your preference.

The Vitamix 6500 is also durable and can last for many years when maintained and used properly. Just like the Vitamix E310, this one also has laser-cut blades that can withstand tougher operations. The blender allows you to experience a hustle-free cleaning experience because of the dishwasher-safe parts and self-cleaning function.

The blender is also easy to use for both beginners to professional level users. Lastly, the blender is built with a low-profile 64-ounce container that is suitable for medium and large-batch blending tasks. Additionally, the Vitamix 6500 is also equipped with 3 program settings which are smoothies, frozen desserts and hot soups. The other notable feature is the metal drive system.

The blender also comes with a 7-year warranty. This builds confidence in buyers and users when it comes to its durability as well as reliability.


  • The blender is user-friendly.
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty.
  • The self-cleaning function saves time and effort.
  • With proper care and maintenance, it can last many years.
  • It is also powerful and versatile.


  • It is not suitable for a small kitchen counter space.

Similarities of the Vitamix E310 vs 6500

  • Blades types – Both blenders are constructed with hardened stainless-steel blades. These blades are well-designed to blend a variety of ingredients which include tougher ones.
  • Variable speed settings – Both models come with 10 variable speed setting which allows you to adjust to precise blending speeds, over your texture and consistency.
  • Self-cleaning feature – The Vitamix E310 and 6500 are all equipped with a self-cleaning feature. The ability to clean themselves will save you effort and time for cleaning.
  • Durability – Both models are built from high-quality materials which enables them to last longer. This also makes them the ability to withstand heavy-duty tasks without facing any problems.
  • Versatility – These 2 blenders are also versatile because they can carry out a range of blend tasks such as smoothies, pureeing, grinding, crushing and more.
  • Pulse function – These 2 models are equipped with a pulse function that enables you to quickly blend in short bursts. This feature is great for achieving a chunkier texture.
  • Cool running motor – Both blenders are built with a cool running motor that prevents overheating when the blenders run for extended periods.
  • Dishwasher safe – The Vitamix E310 and 6500 are dishwasher safe making the cleanup process a breeze.
  • BPA-free – These 2 blenders do not contain any chemicals hence safe for food preparations.

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Differences between the Vitamix 6500 vs E310

  • Motor power – The Vitamix 6500 has a 1640 watts motor while the E310 has 1400 watts motor. This means the Vitamix 6500 has more power than the E310, hence can blend tougher ingredients more easily than the E310.
  • Pre-programmable settings – The Vitamix 6500 is equipped with 3 pre-programmable settings which are smoothies, hot soups and frozen while the E310 does not have this feature. This feature has the ability to automatically regulate the blending speed and time which prevents guesswork operations. The E310 requires you to manually adjust.
  • Electrical Rating – The Vitamix E310 has an electrical rating of 110-120 V while the 6500 has 120 V, 50/60 Hz, 11.5 Amps.
  • Container capacity – The Vitamix 6500 has a 64-ounce container while the Vitamix E310 has a 48-ounce container. The 6500 blender is suitable for large batch operations while the E310 is great for small and medium tasks.
  • Design– The Vitamix 6500 is built with a sleeker and more modern design than the Vitamix E310.
  • Controls – The Vitamix 6500 has an advanced control panel while th3 E310 has a simple panel. This is because the 6500 has pre-programmable settings.
  • Price – The cost of purchasing the 6500 is higher than the cost of the E310.The 6500 blender has a price tag of $399.99 while the E310 has $299.95.
  • Weight – The Vitamix 6500 has a weight of 11.95 lbs while the E310 has 10.5 lbs. This shows that the 6500 is slightly heavier than the E310.
  • Cord length – The cord length of the E310 is 4.5 ft while the 6500 is 6 ft. For this situation, the 6500 is more flexible when the power source is far.
  • Dimension – The 6500 blender has a dimension of 17.25 x 8.75 x 7.25 in while the E310 has 11 x 8 x 18 in.
  • Series – The Vitamix E310 belongs to the Explorian Series while the 6500 blender belongs to the C-Series.
  • Horsepower – The Vitamix 6500 has a horsepower of 2.2 HP while the E310 has a horsepower of 2.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Vitamix 6500 an Ascent Series?

No, the Vitamix 6500 does not belong to the Ascent series. This blender belongs to the C series. This series is well known for its modern designs and advanced features that deliver exceptional performance.

  • Does the Vitamix E310 heat soup?

Yes, the Vitamix E310 has the ability to heat soup. This is possible because it has a powerful motor that has the capability to generate heat hence creating friction that causes heat. Friction is created because of the fast-spinning blades and ingredients which raise temperatures.

  • Can Vitamix E310 crush ice?

Yes, the Vitamix E310 has the capability to crush ice. This is because it has a powerful motor and blades that can carry this operation with ease.

  • Is Vitamix E310 loud?

The noise level produced by this blender is the same as other high-performance blenders. It is not very loud but produces a significant amount of noise depending on the operation it is carrying. A good example can be grinding, this operation is usually noisy.

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We can conclude by saying both blenders are great and elevate your blend game. They possess a number of similarities and differences too. It is these differences that set them apart. From our side, the Vitamix 6500 is equipped with advanced features such as a pre-programmable function and a larger container. On the other hand, the Vitamix E310 is cheaper and suitable for small counter space and suitable for medium and small batch operations. Choosing the right blender high depends on your personal preference.


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