Ninja cfp301 vs cfp201Ninja cfp301 vs cfp201

Ninja CFP201 vs CF301

Would you like to know the difference between the Ninja cfp301 vs cfp201? When it comes to kitchen appliances, the Ninja CFP301 and CFP201 are 2 powerful coffee makers that have changed and elevated the way in which coffee is made. They are highly loved for their versatility, efficiency as well as their innovative design. They have similarities and also differences that set them apart. This is a comprehensive guide that compares these 2 powerhouses, this is from their features, performance and user experience. With all this information you will be able to easily purchase one out of the 2.

The main difference between the Ninja CFP301 and CFP201 is the brewing styles. The Nina CFP301 has 4 brewing styles which are classic, rich, over ice and specialty. On the other hand, the Ninja CFP201 has 3 brewing styles which are classic, rich and over ice but lack specialty.

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Ninja CFP301

The Ninja CFP301 dual brew is a high-performance coffee maker that is constructed with a combination of versatility, precision as well as convenience. This allows you to experience an exceptional brewing experience. Whether you create coffee casually or you are an enthusiast, this remarked appliance has the ability to elevate your coffee game to a higher level.

Ninja CFP301

One of the notable features of this appliance is its perfect grind and brewing pressure. Inadequate pressure when brewing can lead to unwanted results, this can be due to too coarse grind, little and sometimes even improper tamping. When using this Ninja CFP301, be rest assured that all coffee grounds will be perfectly brewed, thereby delivering a rich and well-flavored cup of coffee.

Additionally, this machine comes with 9 ground brew sizes as well as 4 traditional pod brew sizes. This plays a huge role because it gives you the freedom to easily customize your coffee to your desire. To add on top, to achieve the right grind size or amount of coffee may need you to reprogram the settings. It is easy because the appliance has a manual that will help you adjust.

This machine also features 4 brewing styles which are classic, rich, over ice and specialty. Having this feature enables you to create the perfect or specific cup regardless of whether it is ground or coffee pods. Specialty brew on the other hand ensures that you are able to extract or retrieve super-rich coffee concentrate. With this feature, you will be able to create cappuccinos, macchiatos and more.

The other standout feature of this coffee maker is the independent hot water system that is equipped with 2 temperature settings. These settings are hot and boil, they will help you create instant soups, oatmeal, hot cocoa and more effortlessly without interfering with the temperature or flavor.

The built-in fold-away frother is another feature that can elevate your coffee creation significantly. This feature allows you to transform or change hot or cold milk thereby achieving a silky-smooth froth. This will be just similar to the professional café experience. Besides this, the frother is removable which makes the cleaning task easy.

Ninja CFP301

The other amazing feature is its 60-ounce multi-position water reservoir. It is multi-positional because it can be placed both at the side or rear in order to fit any kitchen counter space. It is also removable which makes it easy to refill thereby making it convenient. In addition, the thermal flavor extraction ensures that you achieve an even saturation and precise temperature control, from coffee grounds and pods. With this, you will be able to achieve an ultra-flavored coffee every time you brew.

The Ninja CFP301 is also equipped with a cleaning function, dishwasher-safe parts and a removable pod adapter. This feature makes cleaning the appliance a breeze.

The Ninja CFP301 comes with the following:

  • Dualbrew Pro coffee system
  • Ninja Pod Adapter
  • 12-cup glass carafe
  • Fold-away frother
  • Paper filter kit
  • 60-ounce water reservoir
  • Independent water dispenser
  • Ninja Smart Scoop


  • The Ninja CFP301 is versatile.
  • It is also equipped with specialty brew.
  • This coffee maker is also easy to use.
  • It is also built with an independent hot water system.
  • You can position the water reservoir depending on the space of your kitchen counter space.


  • Some users may require a learning curve.
  • It may not be suitable for a small counter space.

Ninja CFP201

The Ninja CFP201 dual brew is also a great coffee maker that you should consider too. It is packed with a number of features that enhance its versatility and efficiency to make 12 cups. It features a dual brew technology that enables you to brew ground coffee and pods. This allows you to experience flexibility and convenience to choose your preferred brewing method.

Ninja CFP201

With its ability to create 12 cups, it is suitable for a large family and even guests. You can brew a full pot which is great for many people or opt to adjust the setting to handle individual cups. The coffee maker also comes with 3 brew settings which are classic, rich and coffee pods. In addition to this, the appliance has a removable water reservoir that is easy to refill.

Just like the Ninja CFP301, this one also has 9 ground and also 4 traditional pod brew sizes. This coffee makes also enables you to create flavored iced coffee. Adjustable warming plate on the other hand ensures that your coffee is kept warm for up to 4 hours. Besides this, the removable water reservoir has a capacity of 60 ounces which is easy to refill. Even saturations and also precise temperatures will enable you to achieve ultra-flavored coffee for grounds as well as pods.

The cleaning process is also easy because the appliance has a self-cleaning function and dishwasher-safe component. The brew basket is also removable making it easy to maintain. It also has an auto-shutoff feature that turns off the appliance when tasks are complete or when idle.

Ninja CFP201

The CFP201 comes with the following:

  • DualBrew Coffee System
  • Ninja Pod Adapter
  • 12-Cup Glass Carafe
  • Paper Filter Kit
  • 60-oz. Removable Water Reservoir  
  • Ninja Smart Scoop.


  • The Ninja CFP301 is versatile.
  • It also has a large capacity that can accommodate 12 cups.
  • It is also equipped with multiple brewing sizes.
  • This coffee maker also comes with a warming function which is the adjustable warming plate.
  • You are also able to carry out flavored iced coffee using this coffee maker.


  • The coffee maker is suitable for a large counter space.
  • It can also be a bit noisy when carrying out some tasks.

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Similarities Ninja CFP201 vs CFP301

The following are similarities between the Ninja CFP301 and CFP201 coffee makers:

  • Dualbrew system – Both coffee makers are equipped with a dual system that enables a user to brew both single-serve or full-pot coffee.
  • Brew sizes – The CFP301 and CFP201 have multiple brew sizes depending on your preference, e.g., half carafe, travel mu, full carafe and more.
  • Thermal flavor extraction – These 2 models have a thermal flavor extraction technology that enables you to experience a rich and flavored coffee.
  • Removable water reservoir – They are both built with a 60-ounce removable water reservoir that is convenient to refill.
  • Power – Both models have 1400 watts. This is enough power to run operations smoothly.
  • Ninja Smart scoop – Both appliances come with a Ninja Smart scoop which enables you to have precise coffee measurements.
  • Auto Self-cleaning function and dishwasher-safe parts – Both machines are equipped with this feature which makes cleaning the appliances a breeze
  • Water filter – Both the CFP301 and CFP201 are equipped with a water filter.
  • Capacity – Both appliances can reach 96 fluid ounces.
Ninja CFP201

Differences between the Ninja CFP301 vs CFP201

  • Control Panel – The Ninja CFP301 is built with a touchscreen display while the CFP201 has the traditional button control panel. This makes the CFP301 easier to use than the CFP201.
  • Brew styles – The Ninja CFP301 is equipped with 4 brewing styles while the CFP201 has 3. Both have classic, rich, and over ice while the Ninja has an extra brew style which is the specialty.
  • Built-in Milk frother – The CFP301 comes with an in-built milk frother which allows you to make specialty coffee. On the other hand, the Ninja CFP201 is not equipped with this feature.
  • Specialty brew option – The CFP is equipped with a specialty brew option that enables you to create concentrated coffee which involves specialty beverages. On the other side, the CFP201 does not have this feature.
  • Independent hot water dispenser – The CFP301 is constructed with an independent hot water dispenser that enables you to use water for other tasks. The CFP201 is not built with this feature.
  • Water reservoir position – The CFP301 is built with a fixed water reservoir position while the CFP301 is equipped with a multi-positional one. The one for the CFP301 allows for flexibility since you can position it on any side or rear depending on your kitchen counter space.
  • Price – The cost of purchasing the CFP301 is higher with a price tag of $199.95 while the cfp201 is lower with a price tag of $129.99.
  • Material Construction – The CFP301 is built from plastic while the CFP201 has both plastic and glass.
  • Warming plate – The Ninja CFP201 is also equipped with a warming plate while the CFP301 lacks this feature. This feature ensures brewed coffee is kept warm for up to 4 hours.
  • Availability – The CFP301 is a newer model and is more widely available than the CFP201.
  • Weight – The Ninja CFP201 has a weight of 9 pounds while the CFP301 has 9.69 pounds. This means that the CFP301 is heavier than the CFP201.
  • Dimensions – The CFP201 has a dimension of 11.18 x 9.08 x 15.4 inches while the cfp301 has a dimension of 11.39 x 9.13 x 15.54 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the Ninja CFP301 make espresso?

The Ninja CFP301 has the ability to create espresso because it is equipped with a “specialty brew option. This will enable you to create a well-concentrated coffee that is similar to an espresso.

  • What does rich mean on Ninja coffee?

Rich on a Ninja Coffee maker means a type of brewing style that deliver stronger and a more robust cup of coffee.

  • Why are Ninja coffee makers so good?

The Ninja Coffee makers are good because they are versatile and also packed with a wide range of features such as thermal flavor extraction, specialty brews and more.

  • How long will a Ninja coffee maker last?

The Ninja coffee maker can last many years as long as you maintain and properly use it.

  • Is Ninja coffee maker worth the money?

Ninja coffee maker is worth your money because it is packed with a range of features that can elevate your brewing performance.

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We can conclude by saying both coffee makers are great. Using them will enable you to achieve more high-quality coffee than most models on the market. From our comparison, the Ninja CFP301 takes the day because it is packed with a number of features than the CFP201. The only advantage of the CFP201 over CFP301 is the price. The cost of the CFP201 is cheaper. When it comes to choosing the right one for yourself, it all comes down to your personal preferences.


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