Ninja CFP451 vs CFP301Ninja CFP451 vs CFP301

Ninja CFP301 vs CFP451

Would you like to know the difference between the Ninja CFP451 vs CFP301? When it comes to the world of creating excellent coffee, the battle between these 2 appliances is on another level. You don’t have to worry anymore because we will help you to make a wise decision. These 2 appliances are among the top coffee makers that we have on the market. We have reviewed the features, pros and cons of each appliance as well as their overall value. Let’s get started,

The main difference between the Ninja CFP451 and CFP301 is the design and size of the water reservoir. The Ninja CFP301 has a 60-ounce multi-position water reservoir while the CFP451 has a 70-ounce water reservoir that is fixed.

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Ninja CFP451

The Ninja CFP451 is a high-performance coffee maker appliance that has the ability to deliver outstanding results. If you are one person who hates waiting for your coffee while brewing. Then it is time to say goodbye because this coffee maker has the capability to brew coffee pods, even faster than the top K cup coffee maker. It also features a dual coffee system that accommodates both grounds and pods too.

Ninja CFP451

This coffee maker comes with 9 ground brew sizes as well as 4 traditional pod brew sizes. Whether you want a small cup of coffee or a full carafe, this appliance will serve you well. To add on top, the Ninja CFP451 also comes with 4 brewing styles which are classic, rich, specialty and over ice. This feature enables you to customize your coffee to your preference. When it comes to iced coffee, the machine delivers a flavorful iced coffee.

The other standout feature is its adjustable warming plate that has the capability to keep your brewed coffee warm for up to 4 hours. On the other hand, it has a 70-ounce removable water reservoir that is easy and convenient to refill. Without forgetting, the foldable single-serve platform has the ability to elevate the coffee mug experience by reducing splash of freshly brewed coffee.

The other notable feature is the thermal flavor extraction duo that enables you to achieve a perfect flavor for grounds and pods. This is possible because it offers you even saturation as well as precise temperature control for you to have an ultra-flavorful coffee. Cleaning the Ninja CFP451 is also a breeze which has been made possible because of the cleaning function, dishwasher-safe components and also removable Ninja pod adapter.

Ninja CFP451

This appliance comes with:

  • Ninja pod adapter
  • 14-cup glass carafe
  • The 70-ounce removable water reservoir


  • This appliance is versatile.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It can also keep your coffee warm for up to 4 hours.
  • The Ninja CFP451 is also durable.
  • The appliance is also affordable.


  • It is not suitable for small counter space.

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Ninja CFP301

The Ninja CFP301 is also a high-performance appliance that is well-designed to revolutionize your coffee brewing experience. It is equipped with a range of features that make it more versatile, precise and convenient than most coffee makers on the market. One of the notable qualities of this appliance is its ability to offer exceptional grind and brewing pressure, thereby allowing you to achieve perfect results all the time.

Ninja CFP301

On the other side, inadequate pressure during brewing operations can lead to undesirable outcomes. This can be caused by coarse grinds, improper brewing and even insufficient tamping. However, you don’t have to worry about all this when using this appliance because the coffee ground will be expertly brewed. This in turn will result to a rich and flavorful experience.

This appliance also offers you a variety of sizes options, you have access to 9 ground brew sizes and 4 traditional pod brew sizes. These features enhance the versatility of this coffee maker because you will be able to customize your coffee to your preference easily. Additionally, this coffee maker comes with 4 brewing styles which are classic, rich, over ice and lastly specialty.

You will be able to extract super-rich concentrated coffee using the specialty brew option. This feature is suitable for creating cappuccinos, macchiatos and more. Another visible feature is the Ninja CFP301 is the independent hot water system. This system comes with 2 temperature settings which are hot and boil and they allow you to prepare soups, hot cocoa and more instantly.

The other impressive feature is the built-in fold-away frother that enables you to make adjustments to your coffee. You can easily adjust your hot or cold milk to achieve a silky-smooth froth which is the same as the one of a professional café. In addition, this frother is removable which eases the process of cleaning.

This coffee maker also comes with a 60-ounce multi-position water reservoir. Multi-position means that you can position the water reservoir either on the side or rear of the appliance. Furthermore, the reservoir is also removable making it convenient to refill when empty. Another standout feature is the thermal flavor extraction technology.

Finally, the Ninja CFP451 is equipped with a cleaning function, dishwasher-safe components as well as a removable adapter, this feature makes cleaning the appliance easy and fast. It will save you time and effort.

Ninja CFP301


  • It is easy to clean.
  • The appliance allows you to customize your coffee easily.
  • It is also versatile.
  • It also has a large capacity for brewing coffee.


  • The CFP301 is suitable for a large kitchen counter space.

Similarities Ninja CFP451CO vs CFP301

  • Brew styles – Both models are constructed with 4 brewing styles which enable you to easily customize your coffee.
  • Thermal Flavor extraction – Both coffee makers are equipped with a thermal flavor extraction technology that, ensures even saturation and precise temperature control. This allows you to achieve flavorful results.
  • Auto Cleaning function – These 2 appliances are also equipped with an auto cleaning function which makes cleaning easy.
  • Dishwasher-safe components – Dishwasher components also make the process of cleaning a breeze.
  • Specialty brew – Both models are equipped with this feature which allows you to achieve your preferred coffee, e.g., cappuccino
  • Grounds and pods – Both appliances come with 9 ground brew sizes and 4 traditional brew sizes. This enables you to brew coffee to your preferred size.
  • Frother – The Ninja CFP451 and CFP301 are all built with a frother. Helps you to adjust hot or cold milk to a silky-smooth froth.
  • Removable water reservoir – Both models have a removable water reservoir which is convenient to fill up.
  • Versatility – The 2 appliances are versatile.
  • Water filter – Both appliances come with a water filter that helps remove impurities and also retain or improve the taste of your coffee.
  • Programmable – Both models can be programmed, this feature enables you to achieve consistent and reliable coffee results to your preference.
Ninja CFP301

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Differences Ninja CFP301 vs CFP451

  • Water reservoir size – The Ninja CFP451 is built with a larger water reservoir of 70 ounce while the CFP301 has a 60-ounce capacity. This means that the CFP451 capacity can brew more coffee than the CFP301 before refilling.
  • Hot water dispenser – The CFP301 has an independent hot water system while the CFP451 does not. This feature allows you to use hot water for tea, oatmeal and more.
  • Price – The cost of purchasing the Ninja CFP301 is higher than the Ninja CFP451. The CFP301 has a price tag of $199.95 while CFP451 is $89.99.
  • Cup Capacity – The ninja CFP451 can accommodate up to 14 cups while the CFP301 can handle 12 cups.
  • Dimensions – The CFP 301 has a dimension of 9.13″D x 11.39″ W x 15.54″H while the CFP 451 has a dimension of 9.94″D x 15.54″ W x 11.39″H.
  • Multi-position water reservoir – The CFP301 has a multi-position water reservoir which means, the water reservoir can be placed on the side or rare. The CFP451 has a fixed water reservoir.
  • Weight – The Ninja CFP301 has a weight of 9.69 pounds while the CFP451 has 9,91.
  • Adjustable warming plate – The Ninja CFP451 has an adjustable warming plate while the CFP301 does not. This feature keeps your coffee for up to 4 hours.
  • Noise level – The noise production of CFP301 is lower than CFP451.
  • Energy consumption – The CFP301 has a lower energy consumption compared to the CFP451.
  • Foldable single-serve platform – The CFP451 is equipped with this feature while the CFP301 lacks this feature. This feature has the ability to elevate your coffee mag which on the other hand reduces the splashing of freshly brewed coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Ninja CP301 SCA certified?

Yes, the Ninja CP301 is SCA certified. SCA stands for Specialty Coffee Association which is a non-profit organization that leads the production of the highest coffee standards.

  • Does Ninja cfp301 make espresso?

No, the Nina CFP301 does not create espresso. The creation of espresso requires forcing hot water via finely ground coffee beans with high pressure. Due to this, the Nina CFP301 does not have the required pressure to create an espresso.

  • What size is Ninja coffee scoop?

The Ninja Coffee scoop has a medium size that is well designed to accommodate around 2 tablespoons of finely ground coffee.

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We can conclude by saying both coffee makers can upgrade your game in coffee making. They have a number of similarities and differences that sets them apart. From our side, we would go with the CFP301 because it is equipped with a few advanced features. This does not mean that the CFP451 does not qualify. Depending on your personal preference, any of the 2 can elevate your coffee-making operation.


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